I looked for a good english-russian dictionary under *NIX and find slowo by Dima Anisimow (see, but it lack to support of qt 3.x and has lots of design and compile problems. So I write my own version called slowechko  (Screenshort 7k). It use simple dicitionary format (see below) wide availabel in the Net and support Japanese with hiragana search, see below.

This program is distributed under GPL, no code or ideas from slowo was used.


Slowechko sources:

The root place of this progect now is SourceForge.


All these dictionaries was found on the Net. I perform some cleanup, formatting and error correction before placing it here.
Warning! If you believe that one of this dictionary violates your rights please contact me.
Edict is free for personal use only, see

Related Utilities and libraries:

Compile and Install notes

You need GNU make and two libraries libdms4 and libqt to build slowechko from source:

  1. make shure environment variable LIBDMS4 is set correct
  2. run ./
  3. run make
  4. run make install.
  5. download necessary dictionary and place it into slowechko/dic
  6. run ./
Create ~/.slowechko.rc if you wish to have local preferences.

Note! Index is not portable, and not backward compatible, you must rebuild all indicies on each new platform.

Win32 build
Slowechko was build and tested under Win32 using MSVC++ 6.0/SP5 and QT 3.12 evaluataion. Unfortunately, I don't own QT license and can't provide static linked binary. I would be very thankfull if someone do it

Japanese support

All english letter typed in search box is converted to hiragana if Lang-kana-convert=Yes and xx-Dictionary-lang=Jap. Look at slowechko.rc for complete list supported romanji entries. You can place your own aliases into this table: romanji_alias=JIS_code. Note, romanji to kana conversion table always use JIS ever if your dicitionary has euc or S-JIS encoding. The best Japanese dictionary I found on the Net is edict (see, but it have to be converted to proper format (see below). I prefer JIS encoding because it allow me to edit dictionary by standard vi, but JIS is slower than eucJP. You can download ready-to-use version of edict from my site.

How to install additional dictionary

Dictionary format

I use very simple format: Keyword\x20=\x20Article\x0A. Dictionary should be sorted in proper order, article may contain =, spaces or html formatting tags, but shouldn't contain LF, use <BR> instead.

To do


Author information

Copyright (C) Dmitry Samersoff, 2002
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